The best guide on how to build a house yourself - Step-by-Step Guide + video tutorial $99

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Small house plans - House Plans DIY

Small house plans are our idea for cheap buildings without high costs and loans from banks for many years. Thanks to our project you can build your 35m2 dream house in the forest, mountains or by the lake. In the current situation it is an ideal solution for all those who want to feel safer having their own house with a garden. The small house design is a year-round skeleton building, where you can live permanently or just on holiday. The idea of our project is to build houses yourself.

Buying our plan, you will get :

  • A 35m2 house plan,

  • PDF 154-page manual – step by step instructions on how to build a house, step by step,

  • A video from a 35m2 house the building site, duration: 1hr 12min,

  • List of materials needed to build a 35m2 house,

This is the best and most extensive small house design package you can imagine. Everything in one place (dimensions, parameters, video and pdf instruction). You need nothing else! Check, buy and build your dream house.

House Plans DIY - Step by Step Guide

The best step-by-step instruction on how to build a small house + video tutorial
$ 99
  • PDF manual 154 pages
  • 1 hour video tutorial
  • The amount of materials to be built
  • 5700 manuals sold
  • 5700 satisfied DIY enthusiasts

Trailer - Video tutorial

House Plans DIY - Small House Plans

Unique small house plans are our specialty. In Poland we are known initiators of cheap buildings. Our idea has been widely echoed in the press, the Internet and TV. Our website is visited annually by 700 000 thousand users. Thanks to our idea whole Poland started to build cheap 35 m2 small houses.

We willingly share our knowledge and experience. Our projects were launched in 2016 and to this day we have managed to gain almost 5700 satisfied customers. The main page where we offer the best small house plans is It also contains PDF instructions and an instructional video on how to build a house by yourself.

On the Polish website there are more projects, which we will successively translate and introduce in this store.


The instructions and designs of our houses are created in such a way that any person with little DIY skills can build them without any help of professionals. Building houses based on our projects is a simple process, which everyone can manage. The biggest problem that every new builder encounter is the lack of proper knowledge. We want to help you by offering our instructions and videos on how to build the house yourself step by step without any loans.